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National Acquisition Center
PO Box 76
Hines IL 60141


March 10, 1995
In Reply Refer To: 90N-MI

Biological Controls
One Industrial Way West
Building D, Unit F
Eatontown, NJ 07724

The evaluation phase is now complete for your products identified a
Filtration System, Microcon Air Purification, Model MAP 800m.

We have complied reports based on evaluation findings submitted to us
from VA Medical Center participant(s). A summarization of these reports are described as follows:

FINDINGS: Evaluators found the FILTRATION SYSTEM, MICROCON® AIR PURIFICATION, MODEL MAP800M to be well designed, trouble free, and adaptable to their needs (portable). Evaluators found the unit met the
claims of the manufacturer of filtering out TB and other microbials when performing a bronchoscopy procedure on infected patients. Overall the unit is acceptable and
satisfactory to the evaluators.

Under the provisions of the "Freedom of Information Act" results of this
evaluation may be made public. Therefore, Department of Veterans Affairs may, upon request, provide information pertaining to this project.

We appreciate your interest in the VA evaluation and procurement programs and for making your product available for our consideration for VA applications.


Sincerely Yours,

Steve Bialas
Medical Care Products


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